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Great Americans

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Click the image to download a free copy of the Juneteenth Page from BGB's

Great Americans Coloring Book.

Visit this page on July 4 to get the full coloring book that tells the story of

Great Unsung American Heroes.

There is an often reprinted Juneteenth photo of elderly blacks standing proudly at a celebration in their Sunday best. The photo was taken in Austin, Texas, in 1900, just 35 years after Granger shared the news of freedom. Most (in the picture) likely would have been among the 250,000 enslaved people who learned of their freedom that day.

They each stare sternly at the camera, daring future generations to squander the opportunities of freedom.

Today, I celebrate for them and the hundreds of thousands like them who did not have the advantages and opportunities that I have today.

- Christopher Metzler, From The Daily Signal

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